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Rod seals are considered the hydraulic seal with the most demanding requirement specifications because they must be the right size, profile and material in order to properly prevent leaks. Read More…

Rod Seals Rod seals are important components in hydraulic cylinder design; they guard against external leakage, which hurts the cylinder's performance as well as the environment.
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Sparta, NJ  |  973-383-2487

We provide a variety of seals but hydraulic seals are our specialty! Just a few of the hydraulic seals that we are able to offer include hydraulic cylinder seals, hydraulic rod seals, and hydraulic piston seals as well as many others! For over twenty years we have been dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional customer service. To learn more about what we may be able to do for you, visit our website today! We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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Allied Metrics Seals & Fasteners, Inc. $$$

Akron, OH  |  877-771-6766

We are not only technically knowledgeable about hydraulic seals, but we also have the hands-on experience to back it up. We have over 30 years of industry experience, and we can use that experience to benefit you.

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Premier Seals Manufacturing $$$

Lawrenceville, GA  |  877-432-4627

Since 1973, Daemar USA has been producing the best-quality hydraulic seals and o-rings on the market. We offer a wide variety of o-rings, including silicone, Teflon, EPDM, HSN-80, back-up, and Aflas o-rings. We also offer o-ring cord, quad rings, and o-ring packs. Our seal collection includes oil seals, axle seals, JM clipper seals, end caps, Teflon Energized seals, v-rings, and more. We are an ISO 9001 certified company, and we are eager to help you find the o-rings and seals that you need!

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Daemar USA $$$

Grand Rapids, MI  |  616-538-4970

Kent Rubber Supply has been a trusted supplier of hydraulic seals since 1946. Focusing in exceeding customer service, we leverage the best equipment and the most knowledge staff to ensure we meet our customers unique needs. With our trusted experts, we determine the best rubber, foam, sponge or PVC material for your specific need. We continue serving customers both offshore and domestic.

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Kent Rubber Supply Co. $$$

Chandler, AZ  |  480-892-7325

Our list of inventory has grown since our founding over 20 years ago. We started small, but now offer an extensive product list of hydraulic seals, o rings, and other rubber products.

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Arizona Sealing Devices, Inc. $$$
placeholder image Allied Metrics Seals & Fasteners, Inc. Premier Seals Manufacturing Daemar USA Kent Rubber Supply Co. Arizona Sealing Devices, Inc.

Rod seals are made of plastic, rubber or Teflon, depending on the type of fluid to which they are exposed, the amount of pressure and whether the cylinder is single acting, meaning the seals receive dynamic pressure from one side, or double acting, meaning the pressure comes from both sides. They are designed for both linear and reciprocating dynamic sealing applications, and they seal pressure between the inner contact surface of the seal and the outer rod surface while the rod is moving linearly under pressure.

Rod Seal Configurations Rod Seals - Allied Metrics Seals & Fasteners

They are used mostly in fluid power equipment applications, including mobile fluid power cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, machine presses and mobile plants within the mining, construction, steel milling, water management and chemical processing industries. They are suitable under low and high pressure, a variety of temperature ranges and are radial and dynamic type of seals.

Rod seals are always press fitted into the housing bore and are contained within moving walls, meaning they must be durable and resistant enough to endure high friction because they are affected greatly by wear and aging as well as changes on the rod surface. They are radial, meaning pressure is applied to both the inner and outer surfaces of the seal.

Rod seals are always round, similar to an o-ring and come in many different shapes and sizes. Their profiles differ considerably, and they may be simple and round, T-shaped, Z-shaped, X-shaped and ribbed, among many other complex profile designs. They fit specifically into the housing bore and their sealing lip always makes contact with the shaft. Rod seals are manufactured three different ways.

They can be extruded and then welded together, which creates a seam, stamped if they have flat profiles or made in a mold. Teflon rod seals must be sintered because Teflon is a material that does not melt. Instead, powder Teflon is heated in a furnace until the powder adheres together and forms a solid product. The seals can be composed of one material or a core material that is coated with a stronger, more resistant substance like Teflon.

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